I have no friends…

I posted this video over two years ago. I didn’t mean that i literally had no friends, its just a figure of speech. sorry if i offended anyone by my choice o…

25 thoughts on “I have no friends…

  1. I dont know you personally, but you seem like a very bright, intelligent
    and bubbly girl, and I can say you have a friend here. I love your smile
    and sunny attitude! 

  2. Look at it this way. Friendship is a burden that most people chose to bear.
    Having friends is actually pointless. The way I see it is you’re FREE from
    that inconvenience. Like myself. Everyone I ever called a friend
    manipulated me,lied to me, hung me out to dry, or stabbed me in the back.
    And this has been happening to me ever since kindergarten. So one day I
    said “to hell with that friendship bull shit” and I started to feel free,
    liberated, and clear. I will admit that my experiences have made me cynical
    and apathetic, but still. Embrace having no friends it gives you
    individuality and freedom. Sorry for this to be so long. But then again
    your welcome

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